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07 Lug 2023

Prosecco DOCG: let's take a moment

When you think of Prosecco, the hills of Treviso come to mind, sometimes steep and sometimes gentle. A green landscape embroidered with vines. This landscape brings to mind that time goes by quickly. So what better than to take a break and enjoy a fresh glass of Prosecco DOCG Brut.

Our Prosecco DOCG

The colour is light straw yellow, the perlage is lively, persistent and subtile. The bouquet is as elegant as the scents of wildflowers. It is agreeably fruity with scents of apples, pears and peaches.
The flavour is sapid, full and balanced with a contained graciousness and accompanied by an intense and elegant fruitiness.

What is the perfect pairing?
This sparkling wine is perfect as aperitif served with battered vegetables, fried food, cheese and cold pasta, but it's excellent with row fish as oysters, prawns and truffles.

The important thing is to take a moment for yourself, relax and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine perhaps reading a book, or by the sea, where the horizon is lost and where the thoughts seem lighter.

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