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14 Mag 2022

Raboso Piave, the Marco Polo's wine

The area, which covers the vast plain bordered by the sea to the south, by the hills of Conegliano and Montel - lo to the north-west and by Friuli to the north-east, is crossed by the Piave, a river that has helped write the history of this land, since the Republic of Venice, spanning two World Wars.

This fertile area just behind Venice made the city some sort of a “vegetable garden and pantry” for the Most Serene Republic of Venice, creating a functional and economic relationship that left beautiful traces in the local architecture, which can still be admired today: the “Venetian Villas”, the elegant residences of the Venetian nobility that catch the eyes of tourists from all over the world.

This is the land of Raboso.

Raboso is the most ancient autochthonous red variety in eastern Veneto, used by Marco Polo during long journays because of his resistance. 
Raboso has been the first wine to be exported to the East by the Venice Republic. The name Raboso comes from the word Rabbioso and means furious, impassionate. Raboso Frizzante IGT Veneto Terre di Rai is produced with Raboso grapes. It is fresh, sapid and a little bit acid with notes of marasca cherry and currants. The perlage is fine and persistent. The grapes are harvested in the late autumn. The good pairing for Raboso is with chees or vegetables, buti s perfect for aperitif also.

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